Day by day working on a river ships

River Cruising is a different way of working in a 4* to 5* hotel sailing along the rivers in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Let's however consider only European River Cruise operation for our review.

  • Working on a river cruise ships is a seasonal work, whith season to start every year in March/ April and lasting until November/ December  the same year. During winter months no river cruises are provided and ships are docked in yards for maintenance and refurbishments for the new season.
  • River Cruises have  a lenght of 7 days to 14 days depending on the itinerary and passenger changes take place at the end of each of these cruises.
  • Since the ships are docking every day in a different city as a crew member you will have as well the benefits of discovering Europe in a totally different way.
  • Working on board means working 7 days a week with a daily work load of 10-12 hours daily - working hours are mostly shifty into morning and afternoon sessions with a break in between
  • Working on river cruise ships comes with Holidays! Yes indeed, you will have minimum 2 days of vacation per month up to maximum 6 days per month - these vacation you usually take after 3-4 months on board and are paid days off!
  • You are fully social insured and get health insurance package from all companies providing services on river cruise ships.
  • Travel to and from the vessel at date of sign on and date of end of contract is either organised trough the employer or organised through yourself and you will be reimbursed for the travel expenses occured - however during vacation the travel expenses are mostly on your own account.
  • All Crew is entitled to Tip money on board - this is depending on passengers on board and varies from 200 EUR per month up to 800 EUR per month in addition to your Net salary
  • Accommodation and Meals are provided at employers expenses free of charge on most of the river cruise vessels
  • Small Teams of 30-50 crew members only catering for 90 - 200 passengers on board

And the greatest benefit - if you are living in Europe most of the time you are not far away from home and even guest visist are allowed on board on most of the river vessels.